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How To Ease Your Child's Transition Back Into Daycare

by Guy Jacobs

When you are at home all day with your little one, they can become really attached. If you are heading back into the office and are putting your child back into a toddler daycare program, there are a few ways that you can help them transition. 

Give Them Something of Yours

Sometimes toddlers just need a little reminder of their parents throughout the day. Giving them something of yours like a bracelet, a keychain, or even a sweater may help them feel comforted as they transition back into a new routine. If you don't have anything that you feel like you can give them, consider getting a locket and putting a picture of yourself inside of it. 

Talk Them Through Their Day

When kids start to feel anxious it's because they feel out of control. One way to help them curb their anxiety is to talk them through their day so that they can know exactly what to expect. For instance, you can tell them that you will drop them off, the teacher will come to get them, they will play with friends, have a snack, take a nap, play some more, and then you will get them once the workday is over. By knowing exactly what their day will look like (or at least some idea of what it will look like), you can help to calm all of their nerves. 

Bring Comforts from Home for Naptime

If your child is going to take a nap at daycare, bring some of their things from home to help comfort them and make them feel relaxed. For instance, bring their favorite stuffed animal and blanket can help them calm down during nap time and feel more at ease. While you may need to wash them when you bring them back home, having a piece of home will hopefully get them the nap that their growing body deserves. 

Go On a Tour

Whether your child is going back to the same daycare that they went to or if they are going to a new one, going back in for a tour of the place can help them feel a bit more familiar with things and not so nervous. 

Change is hard for kids and so making the transition back into toddler daycare a bit smoother can help them adjust more. To learn more, reach out to a toddler daycare center near you today.