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3 Fun & Healthy Winter Food Activities To Do With Your Child Care Class

by Guy Jacobs

If you work in a child care setting and are responsible for planning fun activities for the young students in your care, here are three fun and healthy winter food activities that you can do with the students in your care.

#1 Snow Cones

This is a great activity to do on a day where it is snowing outside and there is a lot of nice, freshly fallen snow. Take your students outside and have them scoop up fresh snow into a big bowl. Point out and show your students where they can get nice fresh snow for this activity and explain to them how they don't want to pick up or eat dirty snow. Help them figure out what snow is clean and what snow is dirty.

Then, bring the snow inside. Help each student scoop up some snow into a clear plastic cup. Then, explain to your students that you are going to create snow cones. Get out a few different kinds of fruit juice and allow your students to pick what type of fruit juice they want poured over their snow cones. This is a fun and healthy way for your students to enjoy some snow cones together.

#2 Reindeer Face

For this activity, you are going to make reindeer sandwiches with your students. You are going to want to take wheat bread and cut it up into a triangle shape. For the inside, allow your students to put some type of nut butter on the inside of their sandwich, along with honey or jam. For the outside, have your students use pretzels to create reindeer antlers. Let them make the reindeer eyes and nose out of raisins. This is a cute and easy activity that doubles as a nice healthy afternoon snack for your class.

#3 Juice Igloos

For this third activity, you are going to show your students how liquid can turn to ice and be used to create an igloo. This is a great tie-in if you just read a book that showed or talked about igloos. Do this activity on a day where it is below freezing outside.

Take some juice and pour it into an ice cube tray. Put popsicle sticks into the ice cube or popsicle tray; make sure each stick is labeled with each kid's name. Then, put the juice tray outside and allow it to freeze. Have your students make predictions or guesses about how long it is going to take for the juice to freeze into igloo blocks. Check the juice every hour or so to see if it has turned into ice yet.

When the juice finally turns into ice, talk to your students about why that happens, and then allow them to eat their own juice igloo blocks. For more information, contact local professionals like The Cottage School.