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Questions To Ask When Looking For A Childcare Center

by Guy Jacobs

Turning your child over to a caregiver is never easy. While there are many options to choose from, not all will provide the same level of care. Each childcare center will have its own focus, and every child will have peculiar learning and care needs. Thus, finding a childcare center is a matter of finding one that will provide you the care your child requires in an environment that supports your personal parenting philosophy. When choosing a childcare facility, it is important to have questions prepared to ask the caregiver. 

Health-Related Questions

If your child has a health condition, learning is the least of your worries. A childcare center should ask about any health condition that your child has, but you should also ask what training the care providers have in taking care of children with special needs. Ask for specifics to make sure that care providers have the specialized training to provide the care your child needs. 

Learning-Related Questions

In order to make sure that your child is learning what they need to, you should ask a childcare center what sort of teaching philosophy and methods they use. Here are some suggested questions:

1: What role does TV or video play in the teaching process? While TV can have a role in teaching children, it should not be the sole medium of instruction.

2. What sort of teaching background do care providers have? While a formal degree in elementary education or a similar field is not required, it can be helpful.

3. How do care providers discipline children? No care provider should use corporal punishment on children. Neither should they use harsh words. Still, if the care provider does not have an effective way for dealing with children when they cause problems, it is easy to resort to more basic forms of discipline. 

4. What moral or educational philosophy does your caregiver subscribe to? While this might feel like an oddly personal question to ask, you need to make sure the training that your child receives at school complements what you are trying to do at home. The educational philosophy promoted by schools or centers will also vary; the philosophy of a school like Cottonwood Montessori will likely differ greatly from that of a more traditional daycare center. There are a lot of philosophies out there, and as a parent, you have the right to choose which philosophy you think is right for your child. 

The questions suggested above are just a few of the questions that you could ask a caregiver. Before you select a care center for your child, make sure you take the time to come up with a thorough list of questions and make sure that you are satisfied with the answers.