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Learning Begins Before School: 4 Ways To Help Your Baby Develop Proper Language Skills

by Guy Jacobs

Language is an important part of your baby's development. In fact, babies that are able to communicate properly tend to adjust better and do better in school. Babies begin learning language skills as soon as they're born. So, it's important that you fill your parenting basket with as many tricks as possible. These tricks will help you teach your child the art of communication. Here are a few tricks for improving your child's language skills, which will help your child excel once they begin school.

Don't Stop Talking

Language is learned through listening and assimilation. So it makes sense that the more you talk, the more your child will learn. It's easy to talk to babies because—while they're young—they don't know what you're saying. Talk about everything, even if it's just to explain why you're putting them in their car seat. While you're at it, use your natural voice. Babies learn to assimilate language by listening to the way you pronounce words and sounds.

Sing Songs

Singing is a fun way to teach toddlers about the world around them, so sing to them. Don't worry about the way you sound—they aren't worried about your singing voice. If you can't think of any songs to sing, make something up. The point is to get your baby's brain involved in the music. Studies have found that music may make it easier for your child to develop language skills.

Read At Least Once a Day

When your child finally enters preschool, they're going to be reading. If you've already provided your child with a love of reading, they'll be ahead of the game when they begin school. Remember that it's never too young to start reading to your baby. In fact, you can get yourself into a routine by setting a time aside each day to read to your little one before they're even born. Babies can hear before they're born. So, pick up a book and start reading.

Pay Attention

During reading time, look for ways to provide active participation with your little one. If your baby points to something or shows excitement about something they see, stop and talk to them about it. This will encourage them to communicate more freely.

You want the best for your baby. You want them to be ready for school. You can help them develop the necessary language skills by using these simple tricks. By implementing these methods, you can help your child develop the language skills they'll need to be successful in school and beyond. For more tips, contact a local school like Piedmont Hills Montessori Academy & School.